The McHale Rs4 bale splitter and wrap retainer is a versatile solution for farmers who want to feed round bales efficiently. The Rs4 can split the bale, dispense the fodder at the feed area, retain the plastic and net wrap and release it at the recycling area.

The McHale Rs4 bale splitter is a versatile machine, which can be used to :

  • Remove the bale from the stack
  • Transport the bale to the feeding site
  • Split the bale, while retaining the net wrap and plastic
  • Bring the net wrap and plastic to the disposal or recycling area
  • Push in the silage

This means the farmer can get all their work done with the McHale Rs4, without ever having to leave the safety or comfort of the tractor cab.

The McHale Rs4 is a simple machine where one spool simultaneously controls the knife and gripper arms.When the knife is moved to its highest point, the gripper arms move to their outer most position, to either facilitate bale loading or plastic and net release,after the fodder is dispensed.

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