New X6 LWB Series

Developed to replace the popular G-Max range, the X6 LWB Series has been launched on the European market in three models: the X6.460, X6.470 and X6.480. Powered by 16-valve, 4.5-liter Tier 4 Interim engines with SCR system that deliver 143, 163 and 176 hp, these tractors are ideally suited for all kinds of field work, including heavy-duty applications. The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance and the coolers located in front of the radiator open fully from a single latch to provide easy cleaning in dusty conditions. Featuring a capacious 270-liter fuel tank, with the AdBlue tank holding up to 38 litres, these fuel-efficient tractors offer longer run times between refuelling stops. The X6 LWB Series comes standard with synchro shuttle. A power shuttle with 3-speed powershift is available on request. The transmission can be optionally equipped with a creep gearbox that delivers speeds as low as 410 m/h. The hydraulic system delivers a flow rate of 87 l/min to operate all hydraulic functions plus 38 l/min for the steering circuit. The system offers up to five electro-hydraulic remote valves and a ground speed PTO as standard. The X6 LWB range features an electronically-controlled rear hitch with a maximum lift capacity of 8400 kg. A front hitch capable of lifting up to 3500 kg and a front PTO are also available as an option. To further increase operator comfort, a new suspended axle is optionally available to ensure maximum ride comfort on road and in the field. Combining powerful performance and modern design, the X6 LWB Series offers a fully restyled cab with new colours for the interior and sports the distinctive family style that runs across all McCormick tractors of the latest generation.

4.5-liter 4-cylinder turbo Betapower engines

The three models in the X6 LWB T4i range are powered by the 4.5-liter, 4-cylinder turbo Betapower engines with 16-valve cylinder head and common rail injection system that deliver from 143 to 176 hp. The optimised electronic fuel injection and the enhanced combustion efficiency, combined with the SCR system, allow these engines to deliver exceptional power and torque backup, while reducing fuel consumption. In addition, a 270-liter fuel tank and a 38-liter AdBlue tank allow for many hours of fieldwork without refuelling. The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for service and maintenance and the coolers located in front of the radiator open fully from a single latch to provide easy cleaning in dusty conditions


The Speed Six transmission features six speeds in three ranges providing a total of 18 forward and 18 reverse speeds with synchro shuttle. Optionally, the basic gearbox can be combined with a T-Tronic transmission that can be shifted on the go using the green buttons integrated into the gear lever and triples the number of gears, providing a total of 54 forward and 18 reverse speeds. The De-clutch control (orange button on the gear lever) and the shuttle control lever adjacent to the steering wheel allow the operator to change gear and shift from forward to reverse without using the clutch pedal. A creep transmission is available as an option for both configurations.

Cab Deluxe

Featuring a four-post design with rear hinged doors, the new Deluxe cab offers ease of access to the driver’s seat and unmatched all-round visibility. The interior has been refreshed with a sleek, modern design and a new colour scheme. The driving position features an air suspension seat with multiple adjustments, a telescopic tilt-adjustable steering column and ergonomically-designed, intuitive-to-use controls for ease of operation. Perfectly sound-proofed and equipped with a highlyefficient air conditioning system, the cab of the X6 LWB tractor offers a comfortable environment for long hours in the field. A transparent roof hatch provides extra visibility for loader operations. Ten powerful halogen lights offer excellent illumination for night work.

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