Each Landini tractor reflects the passion and dedication of those involved in designing testing and producing this superb range of tractors. The new 6 and 7 series tractors offer the ultimate in style, technology, operator comfort and productivity. Seven models in the range are all powered by the new F.P.T. (NEF CR TAA) four-and six-cylinder turbo engines with multivalve technology and common rail injection system. These engines meet Tier 4 Interim emission regulations using the SCR system, an exhaust gas after-treatment technology that reduces exhaust emission without compromising engine performance. The 6-145, 6-160 and 6-175 models feature self-supporting 4.5L, four-cylinder engines, while the 7-160, 7-175, 7-190 models are equipped with 6.7L, six-cylinder engines located within a rugged chassis which helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The Roboshift transmission with 24 speeds in six ranges offers a four-speed on-the-go powershift and incorporates electro hydraulic range shifting The 6 and 7 series models with Roboshift transmission come in two versions with different hydraulic systems: Active and Dynamic.The Active version features an open-centre hydraulic system with a flow rate of 88+33 l/min to operate the hitch and steering and up to six mechanical remote valves. The Dynamic version is equipped with a closed-centre hydraulic system that provides a flow rate of 123+44 l/min to the hitch and steering and operates up to seven electro-hydraulic remote valves. The Lounge Cab is a true high-tech control centre that allows the operator to work the tractor with maximum ease and comfort. The cab interior offers the operator a fully sound-proofed, functional ergonomic environment and a high-quality, automotive-grade fit and finish that further enhance the driving comfort.


All models of the 6 and 7 series are powered by the new F.P.T. Tier 4 Interim engines. The 6 series model features a 4.5L, 4-cylinder engine, while the 7 series model is equipped with a 6.7L, 6-cylinder engine. The 6 and 7 series tractors with Roboshift transmission are powered by seven engines with power ratings of 143, 160 and 166 hp for the four cylinder and of 160, 165, 177 and 188 hp for the six cylinder. All engines are equipped with turbocharger and common rail injection system and meet the Tier 4 Interim emission regulations using the SCR system, an exhaust gas aftertreatment technology that reduces exhaust emission without compromising the tractor performance. The SCR technology utilizes a second fluid (AdBlue®) that is injected from a separate tank into the exhaust stream via an injector unit. The fluid reaches the SCR catalytic converter where it reacts with the exhaust gas, thus significantly reducing NOx emissions. The optimised electronic fuel injection and the enhanced combustion efficiency, combined with the SCR system, allow these engines to deliver exceptional power with over 40% torque backup and outstanding fuel economy, thereby making for great flexibility of use.


The Roboshift transmission features 24 speeds in six ranges with four powershift steps in each range. Incorporated is a robotised range shifting and hydraulic power shuttle providing 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. In addition, a creep speed option provides 40 forward and 40 reverse speeds. The Roboshift transmission is designed to ensure the operator has the right speed for every application and offers a top speed of either 40 km/h in economy mode or 50 km/h where legally permitted. Management of the braking system controls the brake disc oil cooling during transport, this reduces internal losses as well as reducing fuel consumption. Multi disc brakes are fitted to ensure safe positive stopping and long life.

The electronic transmission management offers additional features that can be programmed by the operator via the pushbuttons integrated into the armrest:

• Selectable drive off gear.
• Range skip shifting.
• Speed Matching: automatic powershift selection based on tractor speed.
• Auto Powershift: automatic shifting through all powershifts with ECO/POWER modulation adjustment.
• De-clutch button.
• Shuttle Modulation Control: adjustment of power shuttle response (via instrument panel display).


Two years after the launch of the 6 and 7 series, the Longue Cab has been updated with cosmetic and ergonomic upgrades to improve operator comfort and ease of operation, making long hours in the field as stress-free and comfortable as possible. The new cab retains the same design as the previous version – a four-post frame with flat-deck platform, rear-hinged doors and one-piece panoramic windscreen that provides ease of access to the driving position and unequalled all-round visibility. The Alcantara upholstered swivel seat with dynamic air suspension system and fully automatic height adjustment features an optional backrest ventilation system and a multi-function right-hand armrest that houses the main tractor controls. The new cab also includes several new features as standard including an inside mirror, additional 12V sockets for portable devices, a bottle holder and a blind for the roof hatch. The cab is pressurized to keep a clean, dust-free environment with a sound level of only 70 dBA, while a highly-efficient automatic climate control maintains the desired cab temperature whatever the outdoor weather conditions. To further increase operator comfort, an electronically-controlled hydraulic cab suspension system is available as an option.

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