The 6C V-SHIFT series is an all-new range of medium- to high-horsepower tractors derived from the modern 6C Series. The new tractor family, which retains the same cab features, front axle and hydraulic system as the 6C series, is equipped with a continuously-variable transmission specially developed by Argo Tractors. The transmission is controlled via a joystick controller integrated into a multifunction armrest. The solution developed by Argo Tractors engineers makes the 6C V-SHIFT tractors very easy to use across a variety of applications, such as heavy field operations, yard activities, livestock farming activities and municipal tasks. The three models in the range are powered by F.P.T.,NEF 4.5L engines with SCR catalytic converter that meet the Tier 4 Interim emission standards. Equipped with Dual Power system to deliver additional horsepower, these engines offer maximum power ratings of 121, 133 and 140 hp. In line with Landini high-end tractor range, the Master Class Cab is designed and equipped to offer industry-leading standards of comfort, visibility and quietness. The cab can be optionally fitted with mechanical suspension.


The 6C V-SHIFT tractors are powered by the FPT-NEF 4.5L, 4-cylinder turbo engines with six valves per cylinder and common rail injection system that deliver maximum outputs of 121 hp and 140 hp. The optimised electronic fuel injection and the enhanced combustion efficiency, combined with the SCR system, allow these engines to deliver exceptional power and torque backup, while reducing fuel consumption. They also feature the Dual Power system which automatically delivers extra power and torque to handle tough conditions and heavy loads, while maintaining speed and productivity. The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.

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