Wider, quieter, brighter:
The new KRONE BiG M cab with generous glazing and slim posts offers a perfect view of all decks. On top of that, the double floor gives effective insulation from noise. Powerful H3 work lights, which may be replaced by Xenon lights, turn night into day.

EasyTouch Display
All formation is instantly available on the EasyTouch high-resolution colour display screen. Enter the sub- menus quickly and easily from the keys next to the dis- play screen.

The hydraulic transmission on KRONE BiG M 500 steers through tight turns and provides modulated control when inching up in confined space. The four-wheel drive is permanently engaged. In the field the machine operates at a max. 20 km/hr (12.5 mph) and on roads at a max. 40 km/hr (25 mph). You can split the circuit as required to have each axle supplied with oil by a separate pump, offering maximum traction in difficult terrain.

Powerful and soft
Despite pumping out an enormous power of up to 520 hp, this new and advanced Common- Rail, inline, six-cylinder MAN engine runs extremely quietly. Equipped with SCR Selective Catalyst Reduction technology to inject liquid urea into the exhaust fumes, the unit complies with Emission Stage IIIB / Tier 4i regulations. The advantage is obvious: there is no need for exhaust gas recirculation, so that the engine can generate its full power at greater efficiency.

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