When you’re looking to maximize throughput, the technology must be up to the job. That’s where the BiG X from KRONE comes in: precision-chop forage harvesters that deliver an exceptional quality cut, maximum throughput and impressive comfort and convenience. All courtesy of the direct crop flow system and a wealth of innovative details that meet the needs of the successful contractor and make light work of the job.

Constant, safe and convenient
Six pre-compression rollers and an 820 mm (2’8″) gap between the leading roller with metal detector and the rearmost roller not only enhance pre-compression but also protect the knives better against metal objects at high-speed intake. The hydraulic drive shaft automatically adjusts the LOC in line with the maturity of the crop, which is detected by the KRONE AutoScan sensor. If the engine speed drops below 1200 rpm as the load increases, the header and intake system are stopped automatically while the cutterhead continues to turn – because blockages caused by too low speeds cost time and money.

Top technology for top silage
On a compact forage harvester, it’s the intake components that determine the chop quality. And the intake rollers play a particularly vital role: the higher and more constant
the pressure on the crop, the better the chop quality.

So BiG X features a long intake system and six high-pressure intake rollers which make for an easier and more precise chop. The LOC can be adjusted steplessly either by hand or automatically courtesy of hydraulic drives on the intake rollers.

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