Harvesting knowledge in buckets

Quicke Q-series

Quicke Q-series shows how clever engineering makes all the difference. Outstanding visibility, optimized work angles, and smooth and easy implement changes are just start. Back all that up with the intelligence of Q-companion, and you just won’t find a more high-functioning, usable front loader.

Quicke X-series

With X-series we are giving you yet another first class alternative for small to medium-sized tractors. This series of front loaders combines design, performance and economy in a unique manner – so that your route to profitability will be as easy as possible.

S Bucket

A shorter, lighter version of our H bucket

H Bucket

Our standard bucket for a wide range of material

HD Bucket

Our heavy duty bucket

HV Bucket

The increased volume version of the H Bucket

HT Bucket

The H bucket with teeth

HDV Bucket

Our heavy duty bucket with increased volume

LV Bucket

The larger version of the L bucket

L Bucket

Our standard bucket for lighter materials

Silocut® SG MKII

For cutting silage cleanly out of the silage

Powergrab™ S

For grabbing of silage and other materials combined with scooping

Maxi Grapple™

For allround grabbing and scooping


For allround grabbing and scooping

Multibenne XL

For allround grabbing and scooping in a larger format


For grabbing soft material

Manure Fork

For handling of manure and other soft materials

Big Bag lifter

For secure handling of big bags

Stone Fork

Pick up, clean, and transport stones

Bale Spike attachment

Turns your pallet fork into a bale handler

Log Grab attachment

Turns your pallet fork into a gripping tool

Hydraulic Pallet Fork

A more flexible pallet fork

Pallet Forks

For pallet handling

Square Bale Fork – Safety

The safer way of handling square bales

Square Bale Fork – Standard

The simple way of handling square and round bales

Bale Spike MKII

The simple way to handle round bales


Splits bales swiftly


Handles bales from the bottom and doubles as pallet fork


For handling round and square bales from the top


For stacking and turning round bales


Transporting and stacking round bales


Handles square bales in a professional way

Load weighing

With help from Q-companion you will always load the right amount of material. The product has been developed and tested particularly for agricultural applications e.g. bucket work, bale/silage handling, pallet handling, big bag lifting etc.

The load is weighed during the lift cycle and you can chose to add the weights to the memory manually, or leave it in automatic mode.
It’s easy to use and features a guided set-up procedure and an intuitive user interface to help you achieve fantastic accuracy. Save valuable time by knowing your load the moment you grab it!

Position monitor

You are in full control with the position monitor function. The gages will show an implement height and angle reference and there’s no need anymore to readjust the manual indicator rod when changing implements.

It’s particularly useful when working with bale spikes, pallet forks or other occasions when it’s difficult to see the implement angle from the cab.
It improves ergonomics and reduces your fatigue. The lift force gage will display the lift force usage, in % of max. lift capacity. It helps you to exercise caution when handling heavy loads. Here you can also operate your loader lights!

App and Cloud Service

The latest addition to the product now also includes a new Cloud service and a smartphone App which enables the user to further keep track of their loader operation. The App can be downloaded for free and users can then upload their weighing results for easy data access and safe storage – anytime and anywhere!

– Download the App for free!
Available in 17 countries.

Implement selector

You can store up to 10 implements in the Q-companion display. We recommend that you also name them accordingly.
The implements can be calibrated for weighing or position monitoring or both – you decide!

Just remember to change implement in Q-companion when you change implement on the loader.

Maintenance reminder

The maintenance reminders in Q-companion will tell you when it’s time to grease the loader and torque-check all hardware. This will reduce down-time, reduce the risk of unnecessary repairs and eventually give you the best value from your machine investment.

There is no longer any need to relate to tractor hours for loader maintenance. The maintenance reminder will base the maintenance intervals on how much you operate the loader. The more you operate it – the more frequent you need to care for it.

USB Memory

All your weighing is saved in the display memory. At your convenience you can choose to copy or transfer this to the included USB stick and bring it to your office.

The saved file is compatible with Excel, or Excel compatible programs. It includes date, time, name of the implement used and weight for each individual lifts (weighings) you’ve performed. This makes it easy to keep track of your work!

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